Eren and Mikasa feat. Shopkins

One day Mikasa went out to buy groceries to bring back home. When she got home, Eren found a delicious kiwi in Mikasa's shopping bags and decided that it was going to be his afternoon snack. Mikasa told him to put down the kiwi and go wash his hands. She was very persistent that Eren went grumpily to wash his hands leaving the fruit behind. When he returned to retrieve his kiwi, he found a macaroon waiting for him on a plate. He looked around and didn't see Mikasa in sight, for surely the sweet treat belonged to her. He sneaked up to the plate and snatched the yellow macaroon. He then ran off with an excited expression on his face. Mikasa peered from her hiding spot and smiled happily, the kiwi in her hands. She then took a bite of the fruit with a triumph expression.

The end~
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