Before I knew it, summer is almost gone

I have a busy life and before I knew it summer is almost gone. Work and my hubby take most of my time. Which is a good thing, you know. I am enjoying my life and the luxury I can afford with the money we both make. My favorite season is winter and so I am not sad to say goodbye to Summer and welcome the Fall season. The trees here where I live turn their leaves into beautiful colors.

Summer memories for me include: going to the hospital, being diagnosed with cancer and going under surgery, my husband holding my hand and being there for me all the way, leaving the hospital and seeing a double rainbow in the sky, taking time off my job to recuperate and spend time with friends, take care of my health, continued playing visual romance apps, got encouraged to attend an anime convention, worked and sewed costumes, got anime accessory presents from best friend, went traveling to another country, had a blast at San Japan anime convention, visited the river walk, brought prints at the artist gallery, plushies, and key-chains and pin accessories of my favorite anime characters.

I would totally upload photos of my memories, but I don't trust the internet very much. So I won't be doing that.

Overall, this summer was intense and different from previous summers and I both dislike and liked it. Thanks for reading! Also, I am still open for commissions! Message me if your interested. I am still accepting spots for writing you a story, whether it be a one-shot/multi-chapter for fiction or nonfiction of your choice. Creative writing rocks!

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