Finally, I wrote Ereri! Yes!

Ok, so first of all I should make it clear I like BL!!!! This post discusses about this topic. <3

So Ereri is best known Eren and Levi together as a pairing/couple. Though, I also fancy Rivaere, switching roles. I just love these two characters from Shingeki No Kyojin. Personally, I think they compliment each other. I love the age gap, I feel that it would be a plus for the relationship.

Levi would love Eren's innocence and awkwardness and Eren would learn a bit from Levi in the process and - I don't know I just adore it.

After complimenting for a long time I decided to sit down and write a fanfiction about them. It's short however as it is my first time writing BL, I'm more familiar XD with the hetero (straight shipping) pairings.

Thus, I finally wrote two possibly one-shot fanfics about Ereri and Riren. Though, I added a twist since I included Gender-bend or is it considered gender-swap?? in one of the fanfics and the other one I focused on cross-dressing. So is it still considered BL, I wondered to myself. After researching around for opinions, i found my answer. And yes, it's still considered BL because its two boys loving one another even though one is dressed as a girl and the other can transform into a girl. =3

I'll be posting the fanfics on my AO3 account and will add links here, later on. I'm not sure how readers will react to them, but I hope they will be enjoyable to read. I really like playing with ideas when I write, so yeah. ^^

Mh, I'm also planning on entering one of my fanfic into a fanfiction contest, doubt I'll win. Lol, I mean my writing is still amateur and needs improvement. But still, I'm curious how it will turn out since I'll probably be the only one submitting a BL entry. I'll update this journal entry later on.

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