Eren and Mikasa feat. Shopkins

One day Mikasa went out to buy groceries to bring back home. When she got home, Eren found a delicious kiwi in Mikasa's shopping bags and decided that it was going to be his afternoon snack. Mikasa told him to put down the kiwi and go wash his hands. She was very persistent that Eren went grumpily to wash his hands leaving the fruit behind. When he returned to retrieve his kiwi, he found a macaroon waiting for him on a plate. He looked around and didn't see Mikasa in sight, for surely the sweet treat belonged to her. He sneaked up to the plate and snatched the yellow macaroon. He then ran off with an excited expression on his face. Mikasa peered from her hiding spot and smiled happily, the kiwi in her hands. She then took a bite of the fruit with a triumph expression.

The end~
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So I was looking through my Sims 3 screenshots I took a while back and I found these adorable pictures. *pause* I'm like, should I share them or not, and then I just thought, sure why not. So here's Eren and Levi cuddling together. Hope you enjoy, OK, Bye!!!
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Before I knew it, summer is almost gone

I have a busy life and before I knew it summer is almost gone. Work and my hubby take most of my time. Which is a good thing, you know. I am enjoying my life and the luxury I can afford with the money we both make. My favorite season is winter and so I am not sad to say goodbye to Summer and welcome the Fall season. The trees here where I live turn their leaves into beautiful colors.

Summer memories for me include: going to the hospital, being diagnosed with cancer and going under surgery, my husband holding my hand and being there for me all the way, leaving the hospital and seeing a double rainbow in the sky, taking time off my job to recuperate and spend time with friends, take care of my health, continued playing visual romance apps, got encouraged to attend an anime convention, worked and sewed costumes, got anime accessory presents from best friend, went traveling to another country, had a blast at San Japan anime convention, visited the river walk, brought prints at the artist gallery, plushies, and key-chains and pin accessories of my favorite anime characters.

I would totally upload photos of my memories, but I don't trust the internet very much. So I won't be doing that.

Overall, this summer was intense and different from previous summers and I both dislike and liked it. Thanks for reading! Also, I am still open for commissions! Message me if your interested. I am still accepting spots for writing you a story, whether it be a one-shot/multi-chapter for fiction or nonfiction of your choice. Creative writing rocks!

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Finally, I wrote Ereri! Yes!

Ok, so first of all I should make it clear I like BL!!!! This post discusses about this topic. <3

So Ereri is best known Eren and Levi together as a pairing/couple. Though, I also fancy Rivaere, switching roles. I just love these two characters from Shingeki No Kyojin. Personally, I think they compliment each other. I love the age gap, I feel that it would be a plus for the relationship.

Levi would love Eren's innocence and awkwardness and Eren would learn a bit from Levi in the process and - I don't know I just adore it.

After complimenting for a long time I decided to sit down and write a fanfiction about them. It's short however as it is my first time writing BL, I'm more familiar XD with the hetero (straight shipping) pairings.

Thus, I finally wrote two possibly one-shot fanfics about Ereri and Riren. Though, I added a twist since I included Gender-bend or is it considered gender-swap?? in one of the fanfics and the other one I focused on cross-dressing. So is it still considered BL, I wondered to myself. After researching around for opinions, i found my answer. And yes, it's still considered BL because its two boys loving one another even though one is dressed as a girl and the other can transform into a girl. =3

I'll be posting the fanfics on my AO3 account and will add links here, later on. I'm not sure how readers will react to them, but I hope they will be enjoyable to read. I really like playing with ideas when I write, so yeah. ^^

Mh, I'm also planning on entering one of my fanfic into a fanfiction contest, doubt I'll win. Lol, I mean my writing is still amateur and needs improvement. But still, I'm curious how it will turn out since I'll probably be the only one submitting a BL entry. I'll update this journal entry later on.

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It was his birthday!

Just a quick post on my journal. On March 30,2015 was Eren's birthday. So Happy Birthday! It's a little late, but I still wanted to do this.

Eren Jaeger (Yeager) is a fictional character starring as protagonist in Shingeki No Kyojin. Listed below are some songs that I think match him very well. Key word here is "I" as in based on how I would view Eren. I am a freelance writer and write fanfiction so his personality would be based on how I view this character. I hope to not offense anyone with this post as this is my taste of music. Enjoy and have fun!

Listen to this songs on YouTube!

I Don't Wanna by Within Temptation ~Album: The Unforgiving
Monster by BIGBang ~Album: special edition- Still Alive
Let Me Cry by Jang Geun Suk ~Album single: Let Me Cry
Chandelier by Sia ~Album: 1000 Forms of Fear
Sakura Drops by Utada Hikaru ~Album: Single Collection Vol. 1
G.U.Y by Lady Gaga ~Album: ArtPop
Dark Horse by Katy Perry feat. Juicy J ~Album: Prism
Just One Yesterday by Falloutboys feat Foxes ~Album: Save Rock and Roll

Favorite foreign dramas!

Favorite foreign dramas! <3

Secret Garden (This is really long, but I love the concept. I love the idea and the love romance chemistry between the actors was great!)

Devil Besides you (First drama I ever watched so this drama is considered awesome!)

Extravagant Challenge (This is a drama I wouldn't mind watching again. I love Ren and Kyoko's personalities in this drama. Yes, I read and follow the manga that this drama was adapted from.)

Personal Taste (I love the comedy and it's absolutely enjoyable! Great drama!)

Love Rain (I love the comedy and the romance is beautiful. The sad pieces also made me want to keep watching each episode to find the happy ending. Beautiful drama! I would definitely watch it again.)

The Divorce agreement. (I enjoy the concept of the two couple's situation in marriage and it was a good drama, overall.)

Birth of a Beauty (It was a very fun drama and very enjoyable. Loved it!)

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (I really enjoyed some of the episodes. Sometimes it felt like the episodes were lacking something but the comedy, the seriousness, the romance were all really great in this korean drama!)